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Build A GarageAre you seeking advice on how to build a garage? Adding a garage is a huge project that requires careful planning. Determine a couple of possible locations for the garage, whether attached or detached. Then contact local building/zoning authorities to make sure it can be built on that particular site. Garage building also involves establishing the proper size, leveling the flooring and setting roof drainage to code, especially when you build a garage as an attachment to your home. Custom garages will require more in-depth planning of minute details, such as adding garage racks or cabinets, and installing plumbing, wiring, insulation, ventilation, etc. Contact a contractor that specializes in garage building for the best results.

Garage Plans

View garage plans to help you choose a suitable garage size and layout for your needs. If you're planning to build a DIY garage, then the plans will help you determine where to build and what materials are necessary for the job. Check out garage kits online for starters so you can see what's available. There's much more detail when you design a garage than you might think. Basic garages can be somewhat simplistic in design; however, the ultimate garage that many homeowners want these days includes everything from indoor plumbing to electricity to sinks, cabinets and work benches. So using garage plans can be a great starting point to make you aware of what features and layouts are available.

Remodel or Build A New Garage

Locate A Home ImprovementGarage cupboards and cabinets can give your garage the versatility you desire while saving space. Perhaps your garage already has garage cabinets or cupboards and you'd like to replace them. Or maybe you're building a new garage or adding on to your existing one and need an affordable storage solution. The good news is you can easily view photos or plans for custom garage storage cabinets online to get ideas before contacting a contractor. Check out various designs, sizes and materials. Create a list of uses for the cabinetry so you'll know how to plan in advance. Then search online for high quality cabinet options within your budget. Many contractors offer custom sizes to fit any application. Storage cabinets for your garage will help you organize tools, toys and everything else!

Homeowners Insurance

If your home features a garage (whether attached or detached), then make sure your homeowners insurance covers the garage and its contents. You'd be surprised at how specific insurance companies can be about their coverage. There may be a clause specifying that a garage and its contents must be an add-on to your policy at extra cost. If so, then if there's a house fire or weather-related damage to your garage, it will not be covered unless you add this option. Check with local agents in your area to get a rates quote on homeowners insurance coverage for your garage and any items being stored there.

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Use the map below to locate a "build a garage" provider by first selecting the state, which will take you to a page where you have the option to select a quadrant of the state. On the quadrant pages, garage builder resources are listed by city allowing you to quickly find locations and contact information.

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