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Garages. Add Or Remodel A Garage

GarageGarages. To add or remodel a garage; it can be a tough decision. Thankfully there are many resources to give you garage ideas and help you find garage kits or local installers. If you need to add a garage to your current home structure, speak with several contractors to get estimates. You don't have to commit to get an estimate, but this will give you an idea of what to expect cost wise. For detached garages, consider whether you want a garage built with wood, metal or other construction materials. Another option is a modular garage. Also consider the storage features. Plan for garage shelving ideas to help you organize your garage from the start!

Garage Doors & Garage Door Repair

When seeking resources for garage doors and garage door repairs, you can't go wrong using our state-by-state maps and contact information. We've created an easy-to-use web directory of garage door repair and installation resources to make it easy for you. Just look up the contact information for several installers in your area and call around to discuss your project. If you want to repair or install your own garage or garage door openers, use the site to find products, tools and materials. Whatever your garage needs, browse our site to become familiar with what's available in your city or towns nearby.

Homeowners Insurance On The Garage

Locate GaragesAre you wondering about coverage of your homeowners insurance on the garage? Most policies have dwelling coverage, which often includes an attached garage and its contents (if you have contents coverage). If you have a detached garage, however, there's a possibility that it will require additional homeowners insurance coverage. This is especially true if you use it for business purposes (storage or a workshop). Homeowners insurance rates usually go up for business-related buildings on the property. Check with your agent and several companies to get a homeowners insurance quote with and without a garage addition to enjoy maximum savings.

Prefab Garages

Prefab garages are ever growing in popularity in today's fast-paced society. Why? These are pre-built garages made of steel or wood to create the ultimate custom garage experience for the busy homeowner. Prefab garages can come with great features, such as siding, quality roof shingles, windows, solid and secure doors, storage features, lighting, ventilation, etc. Garage building has never been easier. So when buying a prefab garage, check around to find several installers nearby and compare pricing, workmanship, references and available garage options that match your needs.

Locate GaragesBuild A Garage

If you've always wanted to build a garage, there are several things to consider. What type of garage do you desire? Will you build it onto your home or construct it as a stick-built, detached garage? There are also options to order prefab or metal garages that are pre-built and then put together at your site. Other considerations when you build a garage include electrical, plumbing, garage doors and openers, storage areas, and materials to be used. Speak with a few garage builders in your area about how to build the garage of your dreams and define the cost.

Garage Plans

Comparing garage plans is a smart way to start your DIY garage project. If you're planning to build a garage onto your home, you'll need to design a garage that fits seamlessly to your home's structure. This will require considerable skill and experience, so make sure you're up to the challenge before starting. Also consider garage ideas for detached garages to expand your options.

Find A Garage Door Opener

Our site provides easy-to-use resources to help you find a garage door opener that's reliable and affordable. We have state-specific maps so you can look for door openers in your local area and obtain the locations and contacts for multiple resources. Easily compare garage door prices, styles and more from your the convenience of your home. Consider the price of garage door replacement parts versus buying new openers. Also, determine what type of opener is right for your needs. There are various types, with three different drives to choose from as well as garage door remotes, keyless entry pads, battery backup features, lighting, security features and more. Use this site to get started with your comparison now!

Garage Door Springs & Repair

Garage door springs and repair go hand in hand because springs are subject to wear and tear with each use. Always get a professional installer for garage doors repair. Replacing overhead garage doors, springs or parts can be dangerous. After the garage door repair, thoroughly test the functionality, seal and security.

Find A Metal Building Garage

Are you trying to find a metal building garage that will provide ample space for your car and storage for everything else? Consider how many garage designs there are today. A metal garage provides the ultimate garage solution because these are easy and affordable to construct, while still having all the great features of the modern garage. Metal building garages can feature beautiful windows and doors, storage features (cabinets, shelves, etc.) and security systems. Find suppliers for metal garage buildings and begin designing your new garage.


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